Meet @ The Zoo

“You’re not anybody in America unless you’re on TV. On TV is where we learn about who we really are. Because what’s the point of doing anything worthwhile if nobody’s watching? And if people are watching, it makes you a better person.”

To Die For

With the addiction of fame now percolating down to the kid next door who likes to do poses– the world has revealed it’s dark side. We not only love stabbing people in the back, but love watching them scream in pain.

What am I doing watching a documentary about the “leave Brittany alone” guy? It was on HBO so I caved, they don’t make crap right?

I had no idea these assholes on youtube make ad revenue!!!!

Rest assured the film isn’t about Brittany or her biggest fan. We find out that Chris Crocker had to be home schooled (he lived in Tennessee) and as one could imagine high school was not an option for a flamboyant gay kid. Crocker found his voice, or at least we did, through video posts on Myspace. A lot of the footage is his own, filled with news clips and an array youtube wannabees. The film moves from farce to touching character study halfway when it delves into the Brittany meltdown. We find out that Crockers mom was once a prostitute and ends up being deployed to Iraq to avoid her past and get out of town.

His mothers story is juxtaposed with Brittany’s, and the viewer cannot help but look back at those infamous umbrella throwing years in complete horror. Now several years removed from her downfall, I think that one can conclude we were all assholes because we reveled in her pain— salivating over when the next outrageous moment would occur. Suddenly this movie is less about Chris and more about the medias power to make or destroy other people’s lives. Chris lives in the bubble that is youtube and cannot seem to escape it. He tries with the inevitable singing career and as tumbler has attested to begins a career in pornography. The footage is raw— mostly his own, and the story is genuine.

Love him or hate him you have to watch him! Give me more!


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