Jim Breuer: More Than Me


Jim Breuer the Mensch

For a moment Jim Breuer was the funnest man alive, Frat boys across America knew every line to Half Baked and annoyed us with their best Goat Boy impression. As far as us kids knew Breuer would rule the world and was on his way to becoming the next Adam Sandler— shelling out comedies with references to cum staines and statutory rape, but this never happend. Breuer baffled us all by grasping tightly to his integrity, living on the cusp of family life and Comedy— becoming a “comedians comedian,” by mainly touring and settling down on the east coast.

In a film produced by the comedian in 2010, Jim Breuer: More Than Me, we get a glimpse into why super stardom escaped him. The film documents Jim’s tour across the country with his 84 year-old father who can’t seem to take a shit properly and is experiencing the first stages of dementia. Breuer enjoys family life and as he describes learning from his father, the” laid back take it down a level attitude,” allows him to not force anything. If he is going to do a TV or movie performance it will be on his terms and it will be funny.

One of the most poignant parts of the film is when Breuer contemplates leaving his father in the hotel room to go for a drink with the crew. It’s 10:30 p.m. at this point he has gotten his father ready for bed, turns on Johnny Cash, rubs his father’s head a few times and tells him that he loves him. Jim soon decides after contemplation and prayer to stay with his father and talk instead of going to the bar. For most people getting their father ready for bed is enough, and God bless taking your aging father on tour with you is definitely enough, but not for Breuer. He could go out with his buddies any night, but he knows that his father is not going to be around much longer.

If you are an avid listener of The Howard Stern Show, the cast of characters, (including the shows guests) become a family to you. The more honest they are about their lives, the better guest they are. Certain show regulars such as Courtney Love and Breuer (who recently were on the show together, sort of) have no shame concerning their personal lives and we know more about them than our own siblings. On the show Breuer goes into vivid accounts of his fathers bowel movements, ensuring to the audience that laugh or cry? Laugh, is the only option. For all of us going through the same thing with our parents or grandparents this documentary is a gift. We can choose to put our loved ones in a care facility or we could go on a journey with them and find out who they truly are.

With Howard Stern continuing to say to Breuer, “this is gunna be your year,” we find ourselves wanting him to get the fame and adoration he deserves, because people with integrity get famous right? It’s hard not to want Jim to be famous, but perhaps doing it his way has worked. Breuer continues to attract audiences on tour, and can manage fame and family life. He doesn’t get 100 million at the box office, but Jim Breuer represents everything that is meaningful and real.

Now streaming on Netlix, available on iTunes and Epix


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