The Take


No one can do gritty and subtle quite like the British, and when it comes to the miniseries genre there is no contest. In the latest British import brought to our shores courtesy of Hulu, The Take,which debuted on British T.V. in 2009, is a family crime drama centered around two cousins who have differing approaches to selling drugs and robbing banks.


The miniseries stars Tom Hardy as Freddy, a brute whose impulsivity sends him down a destructive path while his younger cousin, Jimmy (Shaun Evans), has to pick up the pieces. Hardy has a presence like no other actor, a magnetism that seems to be perfectly expressed through the actions of criminal behavior. He is everything we want in an onscreen gangster, a womanizing, terrifying thug whose methodical gaze before each kill is chilling.

The Take is not the next Red Riding trilogy, but its a solid miniseries with exceptional performances by Hardy and Charlotte Riley (Maggie). The first episode is especially somber with it’s early 80’s style and synth score.

The hope is that in time, due to technology and social media, material from the U.K. will shape American film and television. We have already seen this with cable television series such as Rome, Game of Thrones and Homeland, who employ British actors and sophisticated plot lines.

Unfortunately the series is not available on Netflix or iTunes yet, only Hulu, a platform (which even on a subscription basis has commercials) WTF Hulu!!!!!

Now streaming on HULU, and available on Amazon


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